Welcome to Sen’s lyric blog.

I like to specialise in doujin, vocaloid and other indies lyrics above all others, and tend to transcribe those kanji lyrics directly from the lyrics booklets themselves. If I can help it.

Most of my lyric translations and transliterations will be from Japanese.
I will however, occasionally provide South Korean lyrics, in addition to Chinese.

Please take note that I really don’t know as much Chinese as I’d like to at present, and a lot of pinyin transliterations are taken from a generator (it would be hell to type out all the tone myself), carefully checked and then provided. Sorry if any tones are misplaced; I’m still learning.
What this does mean is that I can not provide a translation for Chinese lyrics as yet.
If you are well fluent in both languages, feel free to drop me a message and we can collaborate on that (me providing the lyrics from CDs I buy). Full credit and a link to your own blog would be attached. =3